It’s hard to believe that we’re on day 24 of our quarantine. In 1 week Rhys will have spent 1 full month (March 13th – April 13th) of his 4 months on earth in quarantine. That’s kind of crazy to think about!

Today was a beautiful day. Full sun, no clouds, low humidity and about 60 degrees. For the beginning of April I’ll take that any day!

Nice days always make quarantine feel better as we can be out and about enjoying the breeze, taking a walk, etc. Today we set back-up the trampoline and hammock, both of which excited the kids very much, and will be a great addition to the back-yard “fun” along with the swings we set-up last week.

Nic looked at me at one point and said, “This is the longest we’ve ever all been together consecutively.” And, he’s right. We’ve been together for 15 years, but not 24/7 for 24 days. And then add 4 kids in there, with 1 nursing, and 1 needing to be taught. It is by no means an easy task.

Emotions are running high. Different personalities need to learn to handle this all.

But, there is a lot to learn from it. And a lot I hope we take away from it.

Here’s the list I started putting together:

  1. We can survive when we “slow-down” a bit.
  2. The world doesn’t fall apart and clients don’t go crazy when emails don’t get answered immediately.
  3. Kid’s love when you’re silly with them. Like mom can jump on the couch AND do a somersault!?!
  4. Kid’s laughter is THE BEST.
  5. You lose patience when you’re exhausted.
  6. You can go back and forth from being happy to wanting to cry in seconds.
  7. Your family is your world. Treat them that way!
  8. I married the right person for me. I actually like being “stuck” with him.
  9. Running our own business out of our house in a way prepared us for this.
  10. I’m really looking forward to going out to dinner when this is all over.

I’ve been compiling a list of activities and resources I’ve received and we are doing to share. It’s been so overwhelming having them come from all over the place that I wanted to get them all in 1 place so I could reference them. And, I figured it would help if I shared it as well. Look for that coming soon.

Stay healthy. Stay well.