This weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day. It was the 2nd weekend of May, and on Saturday, May 9 it snowed. We had squalls of ice and snow coming down randomly throughout the day. And, it didn’t happen only in Southern Maine, it also happened down the East Coast as far down as NJ!

Mother’s Day overall was good. The kids filled out cute forms about me and planted seeds for me. They made pancakes (well Dad did), we had Rose and a grazing tray for lunch and Carbonara and Chianti for dinner. Can you tell I like my wine?

Oh yeah, I also got a bathroom!! Finally, I have one place I can take a shower, brush my teeth and hang my towel! I can’t wait to share it with you!!

Today it is gorgeous out. 55 and sunny. Although, it is predicted to rain this afternoon. The remainder of the week looks clear at least, and I see a 71 degree day in the 2 week outlook so I’m pumped for that!

These days are emotional roller-coasters. Happiness and sadness are all rolled into one. It’s hard not to hug people, not to have friends over for dinner., etc. Hopefully as the weather gets warmer we’ll be able to “gather” 6 ft. apart and at least feel a little bit of friendship that we all so miss.

Hang in there. Know, that we’re all navigating the same storm in different ways, and we’ll get through it. Have some faith and hang in there!