• New Year. New Resolutions.

    2020 is *finally* over, but 2021 hasn’t exactly started on the best note. Between the craziness of people storming the capital incited by the nut-job we have as a president to the daily increasing COVID-19 cases, we’re not exactly on our way out of the craziness that was 2020. But, with the reality of vaccinations […]

  • Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother’s Day

    This weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day. It was the 2nd weekend of May, and on Saturday, May 9 it snowed. We had squalls of ice and snow coming down randomly throughout the day. And, it didn’t happen only in Southern Maine, it also happened down the East Coast as far down as NJ! Mother’s Day […]

  • The Quarantine Life Update: Day 56

    Wow. 56 days with the same 6 people and we are all still alive. I’d say that’s a win. Today marks officially 8 weeks of our Family being in quarantine together. I’d be lying if I said I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. That I have not. The days are slow, but fast. A college […]

  • Day 24 of the Quarantine Life

    It’s hard to believe that we’re on day 24 of our quarantine. In 1 week Rhys will have spent 1 full month (March 13th – April 13th) of his 4 months on earth in quarantine. That’s kind of crazy to think about! Today was a beautiful day. Full sun, no clouds, low humidity and about […]

  • Coronacation: Quarantined Life because of COVID-19

    Today is Day 11 of our quarantined life. I think we’re starting to get into the groove of it. Balancing schoolwork, work-work, fun and down-time (well not for the adults). I’m finding as each day passes it gets both easier, and harder. What do I mean by this? Well, we’re learning when to do schoolwork […]

  • Am I Crazy?

    I just read a post I wrote 2 years ago about the week we decided to move to Maine. And, I started crying. It brought back so many emotions from that time. And so much has changed since then. So. Much. We’ve had 2 more kids! Yup. You read that right. I was pregnant with […]

  • Book Review: The Lobster Coast

    Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier This book about Maine by Colin Woodard (Copyright 2004) jumped out at me one day while I was searching for something on Amazon. I bought it and it sat on my nightstand for quite some time before I decided to pick it up a couple weeks […]

  • That Book We’re Going to Write

    Nic and I both have strong feelings that we were put here on this earth to move mountains and change the world. We have ideas of what we think they are (him, writing a Grammy-nominated song, and sharing his music with the world), me to provide clean drinking water to everyone.  Don’t ask me why […]