• Fresh Fall Beauty On Sale Now

    Fall is here. It’s time to freshen up your fall beauty routine. Has being home so much got you feeling blah? Has your increased mask usage bothered the skin around your mouth? Have washing your hands what seems like non-stop 24/7 given you dry, cracked skin like mine? If you’ve answered “YES!” to any of […]

  • Book Review: Sicker Fatter Poorer

    Guys, I couldn’t put this book down. And, definitely not for the reasons you think. It wasn’t the page turner that Educated (more on that book soon) was in terms of the story, but rather I got so obsessed with the scientific data and how we react and don’t react to it, what changes and […]

  • An Advocate for Change. You can be one too.

    Today I got to do my favorite part about being a Beautycounter consultant. I got to advocate for better laws to protect ALL of our health. Why is this my favorite part? For me, there are a couple of reasons. One, I have a strong desire to make a difference in this world. I am […]

  • March “4th” For a Better Life

    Today is March 4th. It happens to be a beautiful snowy day, with the most perfect snow to build a snowman and play outside. At least that’s what we did today! Six years ago March Fourth marked the start of something new. A new company. A new movement. A movement towards safer products. Safer products for […]

  • When Mom is Out for the Count

    This week was supposed to be one of celebration. Kids love Birthdays, and when it’s moms, it’s always a fun time where they get to have cake and go out to a fancy restaurant. But, this week it’s been anything but fun. Yes, my Birthday was Monday, and my husband had planned a great dinner […]

  • Hi, it’s me.

    Hard to believe it’s been 8 months since my last post!! I’ve literally made lists of what I should be posting about, and then (not surprisingly) life got in the way of my posting. Since my last post we’ve moved into our newly renovated — still working on it — will probably never complete it […]

  • It is an Inconvenient Truth

    Yesterday Nic went to the library in town and took out a bunch of movies for us to watch. The kids have been into music, especially by reading the “Who Was? Books.” We’ve dug into Who are the Beatles?, Who are the Rolling Stones?, Who is Bruce Springsteen?, and Who is Michael Jackson? so far. […]

  • My Passion Project

    So, this month has just been a little insane. There is a lot going on around here, and I’m honestly just trying to stay afloat (more to come on that later)! This year I made a commitment to read one book a month, i.e. complete 12 books this year. I used to be an avid […]