Nic and I both have strong feelings that we were put here on this earth to move mountains and change the world. We have ideas of what we think they are (him, writing a Grammy-nominated song, and sharing his music with the world), me to provide clean drinking water to everyone. 

Don’t ask me why this is a goal, I don’t know except to tell you the fact that it drives me bananas that the earth is 70% water and people don’t have access to clean water! HOW?! 

We both have a lot of work to do to reach our goals. And often times when things happen throughout our life we look at each other and laugh. And we say, that’s a good chapter for that book we’re going to write one day about our lives. 

And what’s funny, is I know we’ll write it. Deep down in my gut, I know we will write that book. And we’ll laugh at the twists and turns our lives took to get us to the point of writing the book. And who knows who’ll we be at that point. And what people will want to hear from us. But one thing I do know is the book will show how it’s not easy reaching the lofty goals you set for yourself. And sometimes, you just don’t understand what is happening and why your life took the turn it did until later. 

I know there is a higher power up there. I believe our ancestors who have passed on help us throughout our lives. They look after us, they help us through the tough times and rejoice in our accomplishments. 

Now, I need to stop writing and get back to work. I need to get a couple more things checked-off my goal list so I can mark this as one of my most productive Mondays yet. 

Let’s let every Monday motivate us to reach our goals. What are you doing today to reach yours? I want to know, comment below!