Back in April, I got some exciting news, my best friend bought her very own home! How cool is that?! And, even better? She wanted me to help her decorate it! This was music to my ears! Why? Because I LOVE home decor! I love shopping, finding furniture, knick-knacks, blankets, you name it, I love the hunt, and putting it all together.


So, it was a top priority to pick a time to go down there and go furniture shopping. We went from store to store, we picked out the furniture for the living room, went to Home Goods, Kirkland, Target and numerous other stores to find buffets, side tables, lighting, curtains, etc. The most frustrating part? A lot of it had to be ordered!! Since I’m 2 hours away, I had to wait to see a lot of it, but thanks to FaceTime and text messaging we were able to accomplish a lot remotely, from photos in stores, to back at home, rearranging furniture, Where to put pieces, etc. we worked it out.


And, the best part? This past weekend I got to see in person how it all came together at her housewarming party! And, the icing on the cake is the back porch we didn’t even touch, so I know there is a project coming down the line!!! YES!!!